• What is a milk cooling tank made of

    A milk cooling tank, also known as a bulk milk cooler, consists of an inner and an outer tank, both made of high quality stainless steel. Attached to the inner tank is a system of plates and pipes through which the refrigerant fluid/gass flows. The refrigerant withdraws heat from the tanks conten...
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  • Help you to confirm your chip conveyor dimensions

    A—length of load section          mm B—height of conveyor chute       mm C—height of discharge section      mm D—length of discharge section      mm E—height of inlet to incline section     mm F—width of the conveyor chute      mm G—overall conveyor length      mm H—height from floor to the c...
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  • How to connect a long chip conveyor which we made it into 2 pieces

    Installation instruction 1.     Open the wooden case, take out every section of chip conveyor. Please notice the sign marked on the flange and put two sides with the same sign together.(We marked them with A B C by marking pen, A matches A,B matches B,C matches C, see below drawing)   2. ...
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  • Advantage of coolant filter

    Looking for a solution to extend the life of your oil based coolants? We have it! Our paper band filter is designed for use on all metalworking and grinding machines, to filter emulsions and whole oils. Our coolant filter, easy to operate and highly effective in extending lubricant and tooling li...
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  • Plastic drag chain using characters

    Plastic drag chain using characters

    Suitable for use in reciprocating motion situation, to the built-in cable, tubing, the trachea, pipes, etc have traction and protection. Drag chain of each section to open, easy installation and maintenance.When motion low noise, wear-resisting, high speed movement. Mixer towline has been widel...
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  • How to install the hinge belt chip conveyor and what is the operating characters.

    How to install the hinge belt chip conveyor and what is the operating characters.

    Hinge belt chip coneyor is now processing must be used in manufacturing of auxiliary software, such as CNC milling machine, CNC machine tool production line and the machine equipment such as cutting, and its application scope is very common, in the use of specific can gr...
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  • Team building activity of  2021

    Team building activity of 2021

    Team building activity of Yantai Amho International Trade Co.,Ltd. Jun 15, 2020, we organized team building activities in the basketball court. This activity provides a forum for enhancing communication and understanding between employees, improving the dedication of the staff, publicizing its en...
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